GEMCO Solar Inc. News Release

GEMCO Solar Inc. Announces Installation Achieved for Kingston’s Largest Roof Top Solar Project


Toronto, ON May 30, 2012 – GEMCO Solar Inc. Inc. (GEMCO), an Ontario based solar developer and EPC Contractor, is pleased to announce the construction of a 250 kW AC, 310 kW DC roof top solar photovoltaic system in Kingston, ON.  The solar PV facility is hosted on the rooftop of a building located at 640 Cataraqui Wood Drive, owned by Norsecan Properties Corp.  The project was built as part of GEMCO’s roof lease program in partnership with Fov?re Investments Inc.  Ownership of the facility, once complete, resides with a Fov?re fund whose objective is to accumulate renewable energy generation assets.  The installation, comprised of 1,183 roof top solar photovoltaic panels, is expected to generate approximately 460 MWh of electricity per year which will offset a conservative annual 140,000 metric tonnes of CO2e or the equivalent tonnes of Green House Gases that 25 average Canadians produce in a year. 


About GEMCO Solar Inc.

GEMCO is an industry leading provider of green energy services specializing in the design, installation and financing of a wide variety of renewable energy technologies, including solar water heating, solar heating and cooling and PV solar energy systems.  Over 3.5 MW of solar photovoltaic ground-mount and roof top projects were completed in 2011.  In addition, GEMCO has installed over 30 commercial scale solar thermal projects including Sick Kids Hospital and Toronto Zoo.  The 2010 TIPTA award for Canada’s first “Triple-State” absorption thermal Heating/Cooling system was received by GEMCO for a hospital project commissioned in 2011.  Information about GEMCO is available at


About Fovere Investments Inc.

Fov?re Investments Inc. (Fov?re), is a private capital management firm with specific expertise in real estate, private equity and Clean-tech Solar Infrastructure investments.  Fov?re’s knowledgeable team has the experience and diversity to manage and optimize value creation initiatives as part of project funding solutions.  Information about Fov?re is available at

About Norsecan Properties Corp.


Norsecan Properties Corp. (Norsecan) is a Real Estate Investment company headquartered in Kingston, ON and is known for its development and ownership of high quality industrial, commercial and retail properties primarily in Eastern Ontario. Norsecan is committed to improving the environment through its use of sustainable products and energy efficient buildings. Norsecan’s value-added approach to real estate assets has fostered its reputation as a first class Landlord in the Eastern Ontario marketplace. Further information on Norsecan is available by calling (613) 549-2817.

The configuration of the Public View Website for project 640 Cataraqui Woods is now complete. The Public View Website is a Monitoring Dashboard for our 250 kW roof top solar system, located in Kingston.

It can be viewed at the following URL: